Can I order a quantity less than 5,000 Hundred Dollar Bill Drop Cards?

Sorry, but no, the reason we offer the lowest price on the Internet for this effective lead generation promotion,  is because the deal we worked with our printer guarantees a minimum print run of 5,000

What is the turn around time on the drop cards?

Because each order is individually run we can normally deliver your cards within 10 business days.

What industries do these cards work well for?

The majority of our clients are in the home business or network marketing industry, but we also have clients in virtually every type of business.  If you need leads, these cards work!

Can a logo be added to my card?

Sorry, no, in all reality a logo will not help your response rate and would not be worth the extra cost involved.

Should I send prospects to my website or have them call?

You can include a website and a phone number if you wish, but with this particular advertising tool we recommend phone.

Can I get the cards in another denomination like a $20.00 bill?

No, we only offer $100 Bill drop cards.  Quite frankly there is no reason from a marketing standpoint to use another denomination instead of the $100 bill.

Will these cards work?

Is your current advertising effective?  Let me explain.  The effectiveness of the card is dependent upon your message!  YES, people will pick up the cards, and they will read your message! THE CARDS WILL DO THEIR JOB!   Most of our customers are repeat customers, and if they didn’t work they wouldn’t continue to use these bills as part of their ongoing lead generation program.

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