Creative Way to Create Business Leads this Halloween


I have been teaching this prospecting idea for over 20 years, and have received countless number of testimonies from business owners who have used it and created great local prospects for their business opportunity, products, and services.

At the end of October all over America children will be Trick-or-Treating. That means that on the appointed night, kids will be knocking on your door with the famous words TRICK OR TREAT. Of course you give them a treat and wait for the next parade of ghost, goblins and supper hero’s to make their way to your door.

Here is the simple technique.  When you drop the treat in the bag include your drop card.  There is no question that the absolute best type of drop card to place in the bag is a $100 bill card. (Info at Get this picture, Children come home from there night out and what is the first thing that happens?


In most homes the kids dump all their treats on the kitchen table for the parental inspection process. Unfortunately in today’s world this is a very necessary step but imagine the attention a $100 bill lying on the table will receive during this ritual!

All I can say is that this technique works and will create hits to your website or calls to your sizzle line!  I have some clients now that have friends and relatives in different neighborhoods include their drop cards with their treats. If you currently use drop cards, and you should remember this technique and use it every Halloween.  If you have a team of 100 people who use this technique this Halloween, do you think you will add new members to your team?  (All great prospecting systems can be easily duplicated by the average person)

When it comes to lead generation, it is simply doing a lot of simple things over and over.  You never know where your clients and customers are going to come from.  However if you just stay at it consistently, they will come.  Drop cards are the number 1 tool every business opportunity promoter and those selling products and services  should be using, every day in their day to day activities!  YOU CAN ORDER YOUR DROPCARDS HERE.