$100 Bill Drop Card Template



Every week we have marketers contacting our office
looking for 100 Bill Drop Card Template. They are
looking for a template of the Fake Folded $100 Bill.

We have these conversations weekly. Truth be
known, it is why we are writing this article for
you.  I want staff members at CMGPromotions.com
to be able to save themselves and those who call
a lot of time.

So if you are reading this article, there is a good
chance that you have placed a call to our office asking
for a $100 Bill Drop Card Template.  So this is
how the phone conversations normally go.


Our staff always asks the same question, WHY?

The response we receive 90% of the time is. “ I
want to print a few on my computer and see if
they work”

Our next question was always, how many do you
want to print?

Believe it or not, the answer we here the most

I want to print 10 -20.

Question #3  What will you be promoting?

We get a variety of answers to this question, but
about ½ our customers a network marketers, and
the other half are traditional business owners, car
lots, Tax Preparation, Restaurants, etc.

So about 50% of the time they say we want to
promote our network marketing opportunity.


#4 Question is How many responses do you think
you will receive by getting 10 – 20 bills in the market?

We hear anything from 2-3 to 20.  Yes, 20!

So here is what I would tell you. 


If you have a good $100 Bill Drop Card
Message, you will get response, as long
as you don’t have a bill that looks like it
wasn’t printed on a home computer!


So, no, we don’t sell $100 Bill Drop Card
Templates, even though we could sell
downloadable templates on this website
every day.

Believe it or not, we don’t want you to
waste your time and money will drop card
bill templates.




What is your profit when you create a new
customer or sponsor a new team member?

For example purposes let’s say it is $50.00


Generally with any type of advertising if you
can generate a 1% – 3% RESPONSE RATE, you
should be profitable.

Expecting 2 or 3 responses from 20 drop cards
is very unrealistic, and if you think you are going
to put out 20 and get 20 responses that makes
me wonder why you are in business.

This is one of  the reasons we only make available
100 Bill Drop Cards and only in lots of 5,000.


You have to get the numbers working for you!

The customers that we have that have been
ordering bill drop cards from us for years, normally
get out 5,000 to 15,000 cards a year, and they are
obviously creating a profit for their businesses.


So in our hypothetical example here.

5,000 cards, 1% response = 50 total responses.

Let’s say of the 50 responses 1/3 end up joining
you team now or later, so that is 17 people.

If you make on average $50.00 per person. 
That would create an $850 return.  When you
start to look at the life time value of a customer
or new distributor, we are just talking about
FIRST MONTH PROFIT.  Some of those people
could be a customer on auto-ship creating you
income month after month!



So this is how the math break down.

5000 Drop Cards Delivered $247.00

Gross Profit based upon 1% Response. 50
people 1/3 sponsored (17 people)

Gross Profit $850.00
Investment -$247.00

Your Net
1st Month     $603.00

So when you look at the numbers, if you
are serious about making profits with
your business.

Do you really think it makes sense to
try to find a 100 bill drop card template
so you can print a few on your computer
to see if they work?

Order your drop cards by clicking here.