Money Drop Cards



Money Drop Cards are one of the best advertising methods for
small business owners, but one that many have not discovered yet. 


Why do Money Drop Cards work so well and what are they?

The secret to any advertising method is eye balls. 

Advertising blindness is real.  When we see the same types of
ads over and over they eventually become virtually unseen.
They attract no attention  and therefore no customers.

If you pull up to a gas pump to fill up on fuel for your automobile,
how many times do you really pay attending to the signs that
hang on the post, and in frames on top of the gas pump?

I asked a coaching client last week and she told me, I didn’t
even know that gas pumps had advertising signs on top
of them.  😊  



That is kind of the point.




Now imagine pulling up to that same pump and seeing what
appears to be a
$100 bill stick from the credit card dispenser.
In your face, and abstractive to the point that you must remove
it before you can insert your credit card.


Is the person at the pump going to thorough expect that
Money Drop Card?

Of course they are.

Are they going to read your advertising method?

Of course they are.


It is really that simple.  Strategically placed Money Drop
Cards insure
that your advertising messages will be read.
At that point it just comes down to getting your message
in front of enough people who are in the market for the
product or service you provide.




Money Drop Cards are simply bills that at first glance appear
to be folded $100 Bills.  When they are open your advertising,
message is printed on the inside.


Money Drop cards where initially made popular within the home
business market by team builders that were looking to recruit
team members or market their products or services.

These 100 bill drop cards are still being used by most experienced,
top leaders within this market.

However these promotional drop cards have expanded and are being
used by virtually every type of small business you can think about.

Car lot owner Harold Draper has been using Fake $100 Bill Cards as
one of his main source of advertising for over 10 years, and calls
them the best ROI he received on his advertising budget.




If you are a small business owner who is looking for a unique, effective
ways to guarantee your marketing messages get read, and want to create
a good ROI with the advertising dollars you invest, we can’t recommend
Money Drop Cards high enough.  At CMG Promotions, we offer the highest
quality, best cards in the market.  You can click here to learn more and
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