Fake 100 Dollar Bill Advertising




Is fake 100 Bill Advertising Effective?  Do they
create leads, where can I get Fake $100 Bills
for advertising?  This is what we will cover for
you in this article.

My name is Harold Draper and I operate a
small car lot in Grand Island Nebraska.  I have
been using Fake $100 bill cards for advertising
for over ten years.  They are the best local
advertising method we have found for our
car lot.

Today the majority of our advertising is spent
with various online auto websites.  However we
depend on local clients in our business.

Several years ago my wife and I where at a
conference in Las Vegas.  I was coming out
of the bathroom at the MGM Grand and laying
on the floor was a $100 bill.  I thought I had
hit the slot machine.

You guessed it, it was a fake $100 bill with
an advertisement for a home business
opportunity. That is the first time
I ever saw one of these types of ads.

To make a long story short I called the number
on the card.  Not because I was looking for
another business, but because I needed to
find out how these fake 100 bills were working
for him.  He told me, it was the best advertising
he had personally ever done.

That lead me to CMG Promotions, and I
placed my first order. Our lot focuses on
repeat customers, and we are proud to say that
after being in business 22 years over 80% of
our business is repeat business.  Today I would
estimate that these Fake 100 Dollar Bill ads bring
us on average about 4 news customers a month!

For 5,000 cards if I remember correctly, our
investment is around $250.00 shipped to the
door of our car lot.   Our target profit per car off
our lot is $400.   So if every 5,000 cards generate
24 new customers for us, you don’t have to be
a mathematician to see how profitable these fake
$100 bills are for our car lot.


Please understand, these bills have had a
compounding effect for our car lot.  Some first time
customers tell us they have been holding on to the
bill for a few years, waiting until it was time to buy
a new car before they stop by our lot. Honestly
this is a benefit of using these fake bills I had
not anticipated.  The compounding effect, does
that make sense?

That is what I mean by compounding
effect?  We have a small staff of myself, 3 sales rep,
and a service tech.  Between us five, my wife,
kids, grand kids, and a few friends, we scatter  
about 5,000 fake $100 bills throughout Grand
Island, Nebraska every six months or so.

Just when we are out around town, leaving them
on counters at stores, booths in restaurants,
and so on.

Our bills are simple they just say. 

Make your best Deal at Draper
then present this card
for an additional
$100 off!


If you are a small business owner that
wants to create more local business
these fake 100 dollar bills will work. If you
sell your products or service nationwide
they will probably work even better.
Remember I was in Las Vegas when I
saw my first $100 bill drop card.

CMG Promotions has been great to work
with, they know exactly what my cards say.
I just call and re-order when we get low.

Re-stocking our bills is a breeze.  If you are
a small business owner, I can’t recommend
this fake 100 bills enough, as long as you
don’t have a car lot in Nebraska! 😊